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The ADNA Presents

Sep 19, 2023

Nicholas de Wolff is an esteemed executive strategist and former Chief Marketing Officer at major multinational Entertainment and Tech brands. He almost never agrees to interviews, which testifies to how much he supports the creative and social importance of Audio Description.

Sep 12, 2023

We celebrate 200 episodes today with this panel on professionals in AD, Hosted by Tabitha Kenlon, with Satauna Howery, Rebecca Odum, and Fern Lullham. This wide ranging conversation continues The ADNA focus on our showcase of the contributions, craft, skills, and perspectives of still underrepresented entertainment...

Sep 5, 2023

The ADNA Presents: Jordan O'Neill (sound editor and mixer) shares his experience, and focus on quality of, the sound mix and edit, and how that intricate, nuanced work supports the story being told. Time to geek out for this 199th episode of The ADNA Presents!